The Blue Room

The Blue Room at Lady Camollia Apartment is a charming double room where our guests can relax and rejuvenate during their stay in Siena. This space has been specially designed to offer an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility, immersed in the calm hues of the color blue.The space has been optimized to offer comfort and functionality. A large closet allows for easy storage of clothes and personal items, maintaining order and organization throughout the room. A desk has been placed next to the closet, creating a dedicated space for work or writing if needed.

La Stanza Blu di Lady Camollia Apartment è ispirata ai colori dell'opera di Pablo Picasso

The Dorelan brand double bed from Stanza Blu is an irresistible invitation to rest and relaxation. It is in fact a Queen Size model (cm 160 x 200) with a Dorelan COSMIT mattress that, thanks to the perfect synergy of 4 different types of Myform, allows each area of the body to be supported accurately and perfectly calibrated, for complete relaxation without tension points. The colors of the fabrics chosen for the bed follow the same shade of blue as the furniture, creating visual harmony and a feeling of calm. The quality of the materials used ensures restful sleep and optimal comfort.

Per completare l’atmosfera rilassante, l’illuminazione della Stanza Blu è stata curata nei minimi dettagli. E’ possibile variare a piacimento l’intensità delle luci poste sul letto o dei faretti laterali per godere di una illuminazione adatta ad ogni tipo di lettura. Una luce soffusa emana un’aura di intimità e calore, creando un’atmosfera romantica e suggestiva. Le tende in tessuto leggero consentono di regolare la luce naturale che filtra dalla finestra, offrendo agli ospiti la possibilità di creare la propria atmosfera ideale.

La Stanza Blu di Lady Camollia Apartment è ispirata ai colori dell'opera di Pablo Picasso
Dorelan Queen Size Double Bed (160 x 200 cm)
Daikin Air Conditioning
USB sockets for charging electronic devices
La Stanza Blu di Lady Camollia Apartment è ispirata ai colori dell'opera di Pablo Picasso

As we did with “The Red Room,” we thought of featuring the Blue Room with the painting of the same name by the famous Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. As is well known, the artist changed numerous painting styles during his career, refining his technique from time to time. The painting The Blue Room, was made in 1901, that is, at the beginning of the so-called “blue period”: in fact, all the works that Picasso made during this period are made in shades of blue and turquoise.

La Stanza Blu

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The Blue Room

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